Prices like these can be a little hard to believe. So just how do we do it? Just like Under15, our suppliers are behind a screen. Under15 has a number of bargain apps inspired by sites like eBay to stock its e-shelves. Under15 also buys from local thrift shops most don't get the chance to visit in person. 


Thrifting can be an incredible adventure, but finding gems requires a honed eye and lots of time. If you're still working on your thrifting skills or feel like you just don't have time to venture out anymore, you can get onto Under15 instead. We keep our stock up to date on what's hot. You're sure to find something you love.


Online thrift shops are something people have been asking for a while now. The accessibility of the internet allows for an online thrift shop to be perused at any time. So it can be pretty disheartening to be lured in by someone "reselling clothes for less", only to find out that while what they're selling is well below the market price, it's still incredibly high.


Under15 fights to let you find the same great clothes online at the same price you'd get them off the rack.






1 - 2 weeks!



As long as you made the purchase within a 30 day period, any item can be returned, excluding pieces that have been damaged since purchase. Returns only require digital proof of purchase, which we should have in our log if you purchased an item through the site, and your name.


Damage includes tears, stains, excessive stretching or heavy smells.


Customer Service

You can find our contact form under 'Fancy a Chat? 'If you find yourself needing additional aid during purchase or accessing features of the site, you can reach us through any of our social media.


Purchasing from us is an automatic agreement to the rules listed on Under 15 above.