Reinvent Yourself into a real thrifter. Find places to get your favorite things at a quarter of the price, hear about services you didn't even know existed and learn all the tips your parents forgot to tell you. Extensive information will be dolled out based on specific concerns and inquiries of the customer, such as "where to get affordable clothes", "creating an affordable personal eating program", exc. This package includes:

  • In-depth Knowledge Of Local Stores
    • Discount Deals
    • Special Store Functions
    • Dupes
      • Apps/Websites To Recreate Looks For Less
      • Better Products With Better Prices
      • Dollar Restaurants For Dates
        • Affordable Under $10
        • Cool Ambiance For Low Prices
  • Afford To Eat
    • $20 Challenge
    • Starbuck Level Meal Box Aesthetic Guide
  • Fashion
    • Cover-level Gorgeous For Less (7 Days)
    • Thrifting Insider Tips
    • Same Inspiration Sources Fashion Editors Use

Reinvent Yourself