Silky Smooth Skin

December 23, 2017

Skin "like a baby's bottom" has been the tagline for many "miracle" lotions you've seen on the market. These promises are usually paired with outrageous prices when coupled with the knowledge that the lotion probably won't do anything. The most effective and cost conservative way to improve you skin is to do little things that build on each other and increase it's overall quality. Here are some fun methods that have reaped plenty of results for us.


1. Sleepy Socks

 Treat yourself for the night. Take a nice long soak in the bath. Really lather your feet. Go over each individual toe and valley until everything below your ankle is covered in suds. If you have some scrub, go ahead and work it into the sole of your foot. Your feet need to be as clean as possible. Get a fluffy towel and pat them dry. Make sure it's a pat dry. Rubbing your feet can strip them of any natural moisture.


Then you're going to get some petroleum jelly and slather it all over those suckers.


We personally recommend Vaseline. It's pretty cheap and can be bought in bulk. Don't leave giant globs of it on your feet, but you should be able to feel it if your were to touch your feet with dry hands.


Next. get some socks. They have to fit. This won't work if they're sagging down to your ankles. Wear the sock over your jellied feet for at least seven ours. We recommend doing this at night. Sweat that you accumulate by running around during the day can ruin the process. When you pull the socks off, you'll be left with soft feet.


2. Razor Peel

 Reduce raised scaring and get rid of itchy dry skin by literally shaving it off. The blades of the razor can get under any dry skin clinging to your body, leaving it nice and smooth. Here's how!


Get a rag or small towel and let the hot tap run. Wait until steam is rising from the water and allow the towel to soak in the basin of your sink.. Once the towel is completely soaked, waiting until it's just cool enough to pick up (don't let it completely lose it's heat) wrap it around your problem area. Keep it closely pressed to your skin until it becomes cool.


This will make your problem area pruney. Sort of like when you've been in a pool too long. The skin with be in a way "looser". It's time to get your ravor!


Carefully drag the razor over your problem area like your shaving. It's blades will scrap off any dead skin you've loosened with the hot towel. Baby soft!


3. Band-aid Block

 Getting clear skin can be really hard when all you want to do is pick at it. Picking at acne is a horrible habit to have. It leads to scarring, which can cover you face in dark marks. Worst yet, picking at acne can be entirely innate. Some people chew on their hair when they're concentrating or frustrated. Others fervently search their dermis of pimples to pop. By the time you realize what you're doing it can be too late.


The easiest way to combat this is to cover them up. It's easy to break the habit if you have a second defense keeping your and at bay. Try a band-aid.


Band-aids come in all different shapes and sizes. Get a dime sized band-aid and slap it over the pimple on your forehead you've been struggling not to touch until it goes away. If you're afraid taking the band-aid off might pop the pimple, go a size up until you're sure the sticky park of the band-aid isn't touching the sensitive skin of the acne. 


All three of these methods are just a couple of little ways you can work towards better skin. Take your pick or try all three.





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