The Wallflower

December 23, 2017


Why did you come here? You've run into Sharon's dumb low hanging fairy lights at least three times and if you don't find your glasses it's probably going to happen again. It's so cold too. You hate modern windows. They're way too big and let all the heat out. Margot said you'd look good in a dress but all it's reminding you is of how freakishly long your legs are.


Of course Margot would think it would look nice. She looks good in everything. So does Dylan, Jamal, Ginny and Rebecca. Oh yeah, and Elise. Wow, how many people did Julia invite to this thing? You pull at your collar, uncomfortable. Everything feels way too uncomfortable. How does a room feel too big and too small at the same time. Maybe there's some more room around the corner -




"Oh, don't worry, we'll put those back up."


You sigh as a couple of people titter, awkwardly hugging yourself as Julia waves off your attempt to put the lights back up.  Wrinkling your nose, you shoot a look at Anthony as he exhales a weed cloud.


Suddenly, you feel angry. Julia's apartment was in this weird space of familiarity and strangeness. Sure the open, modern design and throngs of people were completely alien, but the brick walls and bookshelves were things that brought you comfort at home. Being at this party felt like it was taking their magic away.


Gently, you run your fingers across the spine of one of Julia's book. It's a leather bound version of one of your favorites. You didn't even know they made copies of this one in leather. If there weren't people around you might even take a whiff.


. . . Maybe those people laughing had a point. Who thinks of sniffing books?


'People who like leather and the smell of new paper. People who look up words and write in the margins. People who like being comfortable.'


You fidget in your high heels and wish for your loafers. Slipping into some pants would be nice too. A big comfy sweater sounds great right now. If you could find your glasses, maybe you could lock yourself into the bathroom and sketch stuff without people asking you to draw them. 


For a ridiculous second, you wish you were more like the book; invisible to everyone else at the party and immersed in words.


"Did you just sniff my book?"


You face goes red as everyone looks at you. Yeah, you definately should've stayed home. Maybe Anthony will let you hide in his weed cloud.

Wallflowers are some of the best people around. Keeping the book industry alive while making stunning pieces of art, they're usually pretty smart and are full of ideas. Not all wallflowers are socially awkward, but they usually prefer their own company when it's time to recharge. 


Wallflower fashion is at the same time subtle and distinct. A good part of the thought that goes into wallflower fashion is geared towards comfort, so you'll see things like comfy button ups, sweaters or scarves. However, as soon as you have your bare necessities, its time to get creative.


Quirky earrings, stylish leather shoes, rare pens and cool jewelry abounds in wallflower fashion. Wallflower fashion followers get asked 'Where'd you get that?' all the time when it comes the little extras they throw on top of their normal clothes. Experiment with costume jewelry and cool rings that're made out of geodes. Find scarves with you favorite quotes on it and hats that have different designs on the inside when they're turned inside out.


You want to keep surprise in mind when you're putting together a wallflower outfit. Any book lover will tell you that you should never judge a book by it's color. The same is true for any wallflower outfit. It needs to be both subtle and unexpected.




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