Wrap It Up

December 23, 2017


Who doesn't feel like a goddess after a good pampering? After a long day's work, getting your hair done, feet looked after or getting a facial can feel incredible. It's like being tended to after hours of tending to your kingdom.


It fades all too fast though, Your perfectly coiffed hair stops looking perfect the second you stop sitting with your back at a ninety degree angle and you lie down. Your feet only stay baby soft for a couple of hours before they feel dry again. A facial lasts, at the most, a week before it stops making your face glow like a goddesses. Very few of us can afford multiple trips to the spa every month. So pampering is a rare treat that only lasts a short while.


Wrong. Your hair can lasts you a lifetime if you take proper care of it. When looking at the hair care routines of women, one of the most common gaps in cohesive hair care is the hair wrap. Hair wraps promote long, healthy and strong hair by preventing breakage during the night. Keeping your hair covered up in a slick material keeps it from catching on a pillow and breaking.


Black woman have been practicing this essential hair care step for decades. "Wraps" don't just include silky scarves that can be tied into a pretty bow. Protective hair coverings include night caps and doo rags. But wraps can be worn outside during the day. If you feel the weather outside is a little harsh, a decorative hair wrap can be a great way to protect your hair and make a fashion statement. Just put a little oil in you hair to keep it soft, pin it up and revel in the fact that you're helping your scalp out.. It's cost effective and gorgeous!

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