Flower Patch

December 24, 2017





 I think everyone loves flowers. We can all get sick of seeing the same types pop up again and again, but there are so many different species of plant that's its pretty hard to find someone who definitively does not like them. There is an incredibly wide assortment of petal shapes and smell. They're the go to present when one of your loved ones are mad at you. When your Mom gets on your case about your love life, you can buy yourself a bouquet and pretend you have a boyfriend.


If you want to get creative, you can also use them to patch up your clothes.


It doesn't take a sewing master to do it either. Simply get a flower with a big middle like a daisy, knot one end of some string, pull the other end of the string through a needle and thread it through the flower. Do this a couple of times per flower so it's secure. You can put a temporary patch on whatever hole or tear you're dealing with, or just run the needle through the edge of the fabric break. Since flowers wilt, this is only a temporary fix, and more of a stylistic mending method than anything else, but that just means whatever article you choose to adorn with flowers will look even more unique. Nothing is beautiful because it lasts, and your special look will be especially fleeting. No need to worry about copy cats, your flower patch will be completely your own.






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