It's Halloween Everyday

December 24, 2017

There's always been an overlap between the thrifting community, upcyclers and people who like to DIY. We're all connected by a desire to save a buck. Sometimes we're in a situation where money is tight, and sometimes we just don't see the point in buying something that's marked at triple of what it actually cost to make. The creativity needed to convert something to our size or copy a style at home fosters discernment, or the ability to judge well. Discernment can be applied to figuring out whether you're getting stiffed or spotting similarities in an article of clothing that just needs a few alterations to look like something you see on the red carpet. Like all skills, it needs to be practiced and honed on a regular basis. Which is why this Christmas Eve, I found myself thinking about Halloween.



While in the holiday mood, I was ruminating about what thrifting opportunities could be found in Christmas until I remembered it was Christmas. We've all heard "Christmas is pushed me corporations to make money" before, but when the things we buy make our families and friends happy anyway, it's hard to care. Even if you make something for your family, it'll still probably cost more than at other times of the year. The demand caused by other people trying to do the same things makes it the perfect time for a price hike.


But you know whats painfully cheap at any time of year? Halloween costumes. Unless you're getting your clothes made by hand, you probably go to a chain like party city for your Halloween outfit. The main demographic for these stores usually falls under eighteen and younger, because it takes a decade or two before you realize just how cheap looking the costumes are.


People are won over by little touches. Everyone had a dress with a faux feather/lace trim like the ones you see in the movies, or a cloak with a cool effect when it got caught in the wind. Well you don't have to leave them behind. Strip!


Take the "fancy trimming" and add it to the jacket to thrifted for an extra touch. Once it's removed from the rest of the cheaply made costume, your favorite part of your old fairy dress looks even better. When added to something that is made much better, both elements increase in appearance drastically. You can add an old cape to a matching dress, or take the shimmery ribbon belt of a princess costume convert it into hemming for your shorts. Go ahead and try it!

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