The Office

December 25, 2017

 "We left the office two hours ago. You don't have to keep wearing that. Relax."


You wave John off and twirl your glass. The ice cube clink against the lip. Right now you could probably use something that would help you unwind, but you can't help but want to be alert around your employees.


Being in a bar doesn't change that little fact. You don't see how being around alcohol is supposed to make you more relaxed. The idea of seeing one of them do something awkward and having to talk to them later freaks you out more than the thought of messing up yourself, You could have a drink. No one can have a drink. EVERYONE STOP DRINKING THERE'S NO WAY ANY OF THIS CAN RESULT IN GROWING CLOSER AS A TEAM.


You fluff your jacket, sighing as it sends a cool breeze into your face. What was John even talking about? This suit is the only thing keeping you calm. The smell of ink clings to it. Suddenly you're back in front of the print, triumphantly pulling a crumpled piece of paper out through the loading deck. Your secretary gives a little hurrah.


"She fixed the paper jam everyone!"


You also cut back your department's spending, got your reports in on time, finished the quarter's project early and had an incredibly successful impromptu run-in with the CEO, but you don't need anyone to announce that for you. The name plate on your office door says it all just fine.


"Hey boss, wanna come play darts with us?"


You look up at Kathy as she gestures towards another woman in green. Her hand hovers sort of awkwardly in the air, and she gives you a darting look as she tries to remember Olivia's name. You can't really blame her, Olivia is brand new. But Kathy's amnesia makes you feel a little braggy when you remember exactly who it is. 


"Yeah Kathy, I'll play with you and Olivia."


Olivia's face lights up. She definitely picked up on Kathy's awkwardness, and it sort of looks like she wasn't sure who she was talking to either. The women both share a look of relief.


You pick up a dart and face the board. It's ridiculous, but you can feel your heart start to race. Even if this was a friendly bar game between coworkers, you still want to win. 

Do you have more suits than you have casual clothes? Do your hands automatically start wrapping your hair into a bun the minute you raise them above your shoulders?


Office Opulence is one of the more popular styles out there. For many, work can be a place of stress, but when you're there, you're the boss. You make the decisions because you're in control. Obviously, you have to be pretty confident to handle this much responsibility, which is why you don't care about people calling you a workaholic because you always look ready to go to a meeting. People like you have perfected Office Opulence.


Office Opulence has suits obviously, but their a cut above the rest. Since Office Opulence followers wear them all the time, they're in tune with the different styles of suits out there.

If you want to follow this style, fill your closet with variations of the classic look, like culottes or blazers with unique collars. Look for suits with unique fabric choices that still technically conform to dress code, like gingham. Jewelry is understated excluding statement piece necklaces. Chose colors that are eye catchingly complimentary when it comes to dress shirts and pants, like a navy blue blazer and a soft orange blouse. Feel free to seek out big ties. Chunky heels are preferred over stilettos. Not because there's anything wrong with hem, but it's hard to look like you're rushing to a meeting in shoes that most people find hard to walk in.






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