30 Ways Scarves

December 29, 2017

How many ways can you wear a scarf?


Welcome to 30 Ways, an ongoing series where we help you get the most out of your favorite accessories. We're going to start off our series with five different ways you didn't know you could wear a scarf. Get the most bang for your buck out of a classic accessory that's been around for centuries with:


#1 The Bootie


 Boots are made for walking, stomping and making scarves look super cute. Unless they have a nice print or cool ends, scarfs are usually one of the subtler elements of an outfit. They're not usually the first thing people notice or point out, but if you shift it a little lower, scarves can transform into a talking point.


You don't have to get a scarf for each boot or one with a special print. Look at your boots, choose a complimentary color and tie your scarf into a knot behind your leg above the boot once, and tie it again into a ribbon above it. Ta-da! You've got a nice color combination and a cute style choice people are sure to point out.


#2 Waist Tie

Scarfs aren't the only accessory we're moving around. Ties are a classy way to tie together your look for any occasion, but literally putting one on your belt can look weird. They're sort of 2Dish, so they would look really flat just tied around your waist.


Fluffy scarves look much better! Fold a scarf in half and tuck it under and over the buckle of a belt you're wearing. Take the ends and string them through the remaining loop to get a cool scarf-belt decal.


#3 Hips Don't Lie

If you want to add coziness and curves to your body at the same time, #3 is for you. Get an extra large scarf and tie the middlemost part around your waist super tightly. Then tuck the loose ends under the first layer and let all the excess hang. The asymmetry makes your hips look bigger by drawing attention to the widest part of your waist.


#3 bookends the first part of 30 Ways scarf edition. Check back in regularly to catch the rest of the list in regular updates.


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