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December 29, 2017


Necklaces aren't just for necks anymore. The 21st Century has given a burst of energy and innovation to the jewelry industry. Jewelry has always given people who like to express themselves visually an way to add a little flair to their outfits. With such a diverse selection of stones, gemstones and gems, necklaces have always been beautiful, but diversity in necklace length and durability has never been as popular as it is now. Social media and technology have allowed jewelers to share ideas much faster. Among the many different trends that are going viral every day, long statement necklaces are some of the most stunning.


The entire point of a statement necklace is to be bold. It grabs attention and usually "makes" an outfit. You know you have a statement necklace when people are turning to look at you and immediately focus on the pretty ornament around your neck.. People remember statement necklaces long after you've changed your look, and it'll usually be what they use to remember your old by.


"Aw man, remember what you were wearing when we checked out the boulevard?"


"Sorry, you're going to have to be more specific."


"You know, the one where you're wearing that pretty necklace?"


You can make your outfit even more memorable by adding a statement necklace to your waist. Make sure the string the ornamentation is on isn't a chain unless it's bulky. Delicate chains can snap easily and can get knots. The only exception is when the chain is really long, and even then you should proceed with caution.


Statement necklaces with beads or other bulky ornaments make the best belts. They are more noticeable, and will look more creative when pulled through your belt loops. Beads are rarely used in belts. For maximum effect, identify the main color of your outfit and choose the shade on the opposite side of the color wheel. By making whatever color you end up choosing the color of your new belt, your outfit will pop and be even more attention grabbing.

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