Cushy Cash

December 29, 2017

Few lucky people can afford to get every fashionable clutch that comes out. The fashion industry has so many different cycles, so many different seasons, so many different designers, that you'd have to be rolling in the money to get every cute clutch that strikes your fancy. Even then, you probably wouldn't have any money left to put in it.


That doesn't mean we can't get the same posh look for a parsimony price.


The first thing you can do to step up your clutch/wallet game is to add a chain. Have you ever seen the backpack of a kid whose just really into stuff? Like they have all these pins on their bag from their favorite show, and these bobble head thingies thay've managed to hook through the zipper?


That's the same idea here. If the straps of your clutch/wallet are attached through some kind of metal loop, you can probably separate the fabric cord/strap with a little diddling. If your straps are sewn on, you can just clip on a chain with a lobster clasp. You can either add the chain as a sort of loop, where it's a closed circle that hangs around your straps, or you can get a short chain and just let it hang. If there's no strap to add a chain to, you can get a hole puncher and make a place near the purse lips to add a chain decal.


You can add whatever you want to this thing. Cute ornaments or charms from old bracelets that don't fit anymore look great dangling from a clutch. One of my favorite chain additions let me spell out my name. It was gold with huge, bulky links. Each link had a letter of my name attached to it in a nice typewriter front.


Stencils can help you up your wallet game too. They're not just for paper! Pick out a thick, pretty paint and stencil in new designs over a plain purse, or add your initials to a corner. It's best if you stick to one color paint to keep your clutch from looking too "crowded".

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