30 Ways Scarves

January 3, 2018

 We're back with three more ways to add to our 30 ways series, scarf edition. Let's get right into it with #4!


#4 The Bow




Last time I shared the 'Hips Don't Lie' method of drawing attention to our hips. But what about the waist? 


Get your favorite fluffy scarf, or go out and thrift one. It doesn't have to be super long, but it does need to be long enough to tie into a bow. 'The Bow' looks extra cute with the scarf has pom poms, but they aren't required.


Find the middle of the scarf and aligned it with the middle of your back. Tie it around your middle, making sure the bow shows in the front. Cute!


#5 The Twizzler



Licorice is actually pretty gross, but it makes for a pretty good visual image. Twist two of your favorite scarves around each other into a ring and pull it down around your neck. This will form a sort of "mane of scarves" that keeps you extra war and draws attention to your face.


#6 Over The Shoulder


 Bags aren't just for necks anymore. If you get a wide enough scarf, you can store all kids of little treasures in it. The 'Over The Shoulder' style mimics the function of a carrier bag for people with less stuff. Drape a scarf over your shoulder in the front and back of your torso, tying it at the shoulder. Feel free to fill the resulting pouch you get at our hip with whatever tiny trinkets you want.


That's it for today. Check the site regularly for the continuation of this series and more cool content!


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