January 3, 2018


Okay, so you might've picked up on the fact that I really like belts.


They're just so versatile! You can get through the day without anyone noticing your new necklace or the brilliant color coordination skills showed by putting together the perfect outfit. But even people who aren't enthusiastic about fashion will notice your belt if it's cool enough.


That's probably why chains are my favorite belt materials. When chains pop up in fashion, they're usually utilized in necklaces or bracelets. Chain belts are a rarity, so they're sure to stand out. So here's another article mashing together two of me favorite things.


Chain belts are one of the most convertible accessories out there, so if you want to change up your look fast, chain belts are the way to go. Here are three ways to start your chain belt obsession off right.


1) The Keys:


Have you ever seen a janitor with like a billion keys? No? The modern era swapped out bulky key chains for automated key cards like ten years ago? Shut up, I'm trying to paint your a mental picture.


Get a bulky chain belt with links as big as your fists. You can craft it yourself, but bulky belts like this are available in stores, so you can make this process a little easier for yourself by just buying on. Arts and crafts comes in with the "keys". 


Find yourself a bunch of little attachable chains. If you go to a Hobby Lobby or Michael's, you'll probably see some that will do in the jewelry section. Tiny chain bracelets, at least the kind you can add to this belt, are usually used to make charm bracelets. Make sure to match the chains you buy to your chain belt. Choose a big link towards one of your hips and go to town. The idea is to image the chain link is the metaphorical janitor key hoop, and the tiny chains are his billions of keys. They look really cool swinging together in sync when you walk.


2) The Diaper


Wait! Don't click off the article. I swear this isn't nearly as weird as it sounds. Continue your chain belt adventures by creating a a series of connected chains the length of your forearm. You can use the same sort of chains you used for 'The Keys', or you can find some bigger chain bracelets. Attach two different chain lines at the front of each of your hips. Don't cross the chains behind your back. Reattach the end of each chain line at the back of the same hip you first attached it to. Wearing this chain belt alteration will bring attention to your hips. When you take it off, it'll bear some resemblance to a diaper.


3) Over The Shoulder


Start at the buckle of the chain belt with a chain extension twice the length of your torso. Lift the chain across our chest, over your shoulder and reattach at the back. This might sound a little ridiculous, but looks great when the wearer is wearing a lot of ruffles and the chains are gold colored. Gold is one of those metallic colors that goes great with everything. Similar to ruffles, chains are an attention catching fashion statement. The two look great together.

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