A New Kind Of Temporary Tattoo

January 4, 2018


Want to try tattoos? That might be a little hard, seeing as they're permanent and all. If you're apprehensive about getting inked, you can take a tattoo test run with milk tattoo stamps. Milk tattoo stamps work off the same concept of dollar store sink tattoos, only instead of pressing it to your skin and running your arm under the sink, milk tattoo stamps work like markers. Instead of ending in a point, the stick ends in simple images like hearts or flowers. They're a great first step for people who are trying to figure out if tattoos are for them. 


Milk tattoos are better for your skin too. The ink in milk tattoo pens have more natural ingredients. You won't experience the same downsides with milk tattoos that you might find with cheap sink tattoos like rashes.


Milk tattoos lasts longer than sink tattoos without being permanent. You can take them off whenever you want, but they won't look cheap while they're on your skin.


If you want to get creative, you can turn them on their side and sort of draw a tattoo with the stamp edge. So if you're artsy and really want to get a tattoo, but you can't decide where on your body, you can just redraw it every day.. If you just want a cute little mark on your cheek, milk tattoos are great.


Turn your body into a canvas, and try out milk tattoo sticks. 



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