Make Your Hair Say Something

January 5, 2018



Making your work "say something" is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in artistic communities. That's because trying to evoke meaning through a method that's not completely overt requires a lot of skill, and can evoke emotions in people they didn't even know they had.


The same thing is usually attempted by fashion designers. Clothes are to people as feathers are to birds. They can convey a theme or style, and a lot of emotion. While hair isn't necessarily missed when fashion designers decide to go with a basic style, telling a hairdresser to give a model dramatic bangs or really frizzy hair can add a lot.


If you don't have the thousands of dollars needed to hire a professional runway model hairdresser though, we've got another idea.


Names have made for pretty popular accessories for a while now, but they've been delegated to wrists and necks. Bracelets and necklaces shouldn't get to have all the fun, and it's high time words make the transition to hair.


You can just spell out your name on a headband or attach decorative letters to barrettes, but my favorite method is to just stick them in there. However, I will admit I've been blessed with thick hair, so everyone might not be able to do this. The best place to put these is right above the ear, where your hair can be sort of pressed against your head and people can read your name. You can do this with other words too. I'm pretty partial to "pizza".



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