Body Veils

January 6, 2018

Body veils might sound a little extra, but just hear me out. Deviating from the traditional white lacy design usually seen in weddings allows for veils to become a unique fashion item that can really take your look to another level.


There are several different types of sheer fabric that can be used to replace the lacey fabric usually used to make ceremonious veils. Many of them can be embellished in the same way as lace with embroidery or sewing in attachments. However the real potential in casual veils lies in their cut and what they're attached to. 


Floral hats have been popular for a long time, because they allow you to add a ton of extra color using something that is naturally beautiful. There is only so much room on a brim though. Veils, because of their length can be used to add even more items, serving as a sort of memory board. It's also easier to match a veil to the color scheme of a hat. They can be worn to the side or fixed to the back like a sort of tin cape. If hats aren't your thing, casual veils can also be attached to afro pics, like the scarf at the end of a princess hat.


The cut of a veil can portray and array of different moods. Short veils can be made to look spiky when they're made with stiff material. Long veils can look especially billowy when the edges are scalloped. When you let go of the idea that they have to be sheer, you can make them with all kinds of different patterns. As long as it's not in your direct line of vision, it shouldn't be a problem.


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