The Magazines

March 18, 2018


You watch the hands on the clock. They go tick-tock-tick-tock.  It can't be that late. You were sure you had more time.


Drumming your fingers against the table, you take in the tall pile of magazines and design books nest to your crumb filled plate. You only have an hour left before you go back home. How will you spend it? 


Spend. Ha, if you hand any money that would be the solution. When you walked into the bookstore, two employees greeted you. One automatically beamed and pointed. You'd come in enough that she immediately recognized you. Seeing your face was like "Where Is Waldo" to her. You were the book squatter.


The other one, who was much older, squinted disapprovingly. Unlike her young coworker, she seemed to remember that squatters don't pay.


But with readers dwindling more than ever, getting all stuff you want would cost hundreds of dollars. You just don't have enough extra money to spend your grocery budget four times over in a bookstore.


You sniff the pages, the fresh smell of ink helping you untense. Flipping through the pages, you smile as all the colors become a bright blur. You've never done drugs, but this has to be sort of what it's like. Relaxing. Vivid.


For a silly moment, you entertain the idea of making the "book squatter" real. You could stay in the bookstore all night. Read all the pretty magazines without any interruptions or time crunches. Even though you know it has to happen, you can't imagine leaving here without having careful poured over every magazine on your table.




If you were any of the women in these pages, you could get anything you want. They were all so pretty. The most popular stars ones had price stamps next to their accessories and clothes. You take a look at a red dress and recoil at all the zeroes.


It's not even really about the money either. If you're being honest with yourself, even if you had the money to spend, you would still feel weird spending it all on paper. You'd be trading some green sheets for some laminated ones printed with people you'll never look like.


You can't name half of them. The clothes are the real stars. You hate the extravagance, but you love the look. You're in love with whoever set up the photo shoot. The clothes just seemed to embody the places they were shot in. The clothes in the pictures shot in the summer just felt warm. You can smell the sea salt from the bathing suits. Wearing the clothes looks less like an adventure in luxury and more like a ticket to adventure.


You panic when you realize you've daydreamed half of your remaining hour away. The older employee is glancing at your from across the store. Flipping through the magazines, you frantically decide to open up a magazine about sweaters and into a land where it's always Christmas.


Anyone whose ever entertained the idea of looking like the people in the magazines will find that Magazine Mod is right up their alley. Fashion for you isn't just about spending money or looking good. It invokes a feeling. So you'll love how Magazine Mod helps you achieve a magazine look.


The fashion designers we all know and love pull inspiration from the world around them. Have you ever or a designer saying that their new design is inspired by finding a new hole in the wall, or something from their travels? Popular fashion comes from a combiantion of secret little delight you find in places you'd never expect and preexisting trends. So in order to get the magazine look, you have to start stockpiling old "throwback" trends and finding your own little holes in the wall.


Old "throwback" trend magazines can be found in places like the doctor's office or the dentist. You don't have to steal the magazines, but remember to take notes while you're there. Look up old archived sources online. There's an awesome site called WornOnTV that actually finds clothes from certain television episodes and links you to the stores show stylists found them at.


Finding holes-in-the wall is way more fun. Head downtown and get lost. Or find out what's popular in your city and figure out if it has any subcultures. Popular thrift stores also usually have a lot going on. If they've made a name for themselves, other independent sellers/crafts might ask if they can set up a booth there with cool niche items. Sometimes they even have poetry/music nights. Check it out!


If you don't have places like this in your town, follow blogs like your life depends on it. Not mainstream blogs that occasionally dabble in the niche, but blogs that specialize in it. You'll be happily surprised. I actually saw the thick belt/corset thing that's popular in stores like Forever21 now years ago online. They eventually grew as a trend from people who like to think outside the box when it comes to fashion, and fashion designers picked up on it.


India magazines are a great source too. You'll find them at the checkout in smaller grocery store chains, or off to the side in popular bookstores. Look for magazines with a Polaroid esque cover design; giant space for one photo, a white border that gets thicker on the top and bottom along with minimal cover font.

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