Clock Corsage

January 9, 2018


Add a little flair to your favorite watch by drowning it in flowers. I mean there's only one thing better than coordinating a corsage with a tux, and it's coordinating a corsage with a clock.


Watches are on the lower end of arm accessories, far behind traditional bracelets and rings. That's because watches are far for functional than fashionable. Bracelets and rings are ornamental by nature. They're made to look pretty. But a watch maker's first concern when is comes to watches is making sure the watch works.


Usually, when you want a watch that's a little more decorative, you have to bust out your checkbook. There's a very small scale between regular watches and designer. Even then, the increase in price is more for brand recognition than actual style. When it comes to aesthetics, the most you can really expect is that it's not cheap looking.  The color doesn't chip off designer watches. The only exception to this is really ornate watches targeted towards females lauded for their exorbitant materials. Think giant bangle sized watches decked out in diamonds.


Well if you've ever longed for a more decorative time piece that's neither gaudy or expensive. Implementing clocks into corsages creates a memorable statement piece that also serves a practical purpose.


The key is a thin strap. Since the main selling point of a corsage clock is the idea of a working clock surrounded by pretty flowers, it would be self-defeating to choose a watch with a huge strap. It would crush the flowers and block a good portion of the aesthetic value of the clock corsage.


Any watch strap can be replaced. A surprising amount of people don't know this until they break their watch. They go in to get the glass replaced and find out there's an entire collection to choose from. You can go to a watch shop or go online to get a new strap that's thinner than the one you already have if you think it's too thick. You can even color coordinate, getting a strap that matches the color of your favorite flower. If you feel indecisive, you can just get black. It goes with everything.


Removing a watch strap is pretty easy. Most match straps are attached through Z hooks or movable hinges. Z hooks are bits of metal on each side of the watch shaped sort of like a Z, with knobs at the end. With a little fiddling, the straps can be pulled off. Movable hinges can be pulled apart to remove the strap. If all else fails and you really want to try this, a quick snip with scissors will do.


If you're worried about doing all that and choosing a new watch strap, a hair band will do. Don't cut it. Get a hair band long enough to fit through both hinges whole and still wrap around your wrist. This actually has an added bonus of drawing more attention to the corsage. If you want a clock corsage where there's more focus on the flowers, getting a hair band will ensure none of the flowers are covered up. It will also be easier to put on..


Just pick your favorite flower arrangement, and you're good to go!





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