Make A Mannequin

January 10, 2018


Who wants to take their clothes off and on a thousand times until they finally find something that fits or an outfit they feel confident in? No one. Women's clothes makes trying on one thing and having it fit the first time impossible though. Any lady will tell you sizes seem to change from store to store. Most of the time when a salesperson asks you what size you are, you have to give them a range. It's kind of ridiculous. 


Things don't change after you take the clothes how either. I'm not just talking about shrinkage, which can be avoided after a couple of years of taming the washing machine. That would imply there's some sort of learning curve and element of predictability.


No, even if you find something in your price range and size, things can still go hog wild after you bring it home. Maybe the lights in the store were weird, so now it's a different color. Or after a proper wash, tailored to the specific fabric of course, it changes size or becomes a couple shades lighter.


It might not be as bad if you didn't have to go through the humiliation of physically figuring out something wrong. By which I mean nothing is as embarrassing as lifting a shirt over your head, trying to get it down around your neck, thinking you got the opening mixed up with the shirt sleeve and figuring out no, it just doesn't fit anymore. Bonus: you become a rumpled mess in the process.


Wouldn't it be nice if someone could try on the clothes for you? That's where a mannequin comes. When made or ordered to your exact dimensions, a mannequin can be the perfect stand-in for when you're trying to figure out of something fits. A lot of people don't think of this. The only time you really see a mannequin is in a store, so having one in our home can be a little odd.


It can also be expensive. While mannequin can be obtained on the cheap from thrift shops and store closings, they're not always guaranteed to be there. You can order a manequinn online, but they can be pretty expensive.


The solution? Make your own! Not a complex, exact store replica that would require woodworking skills or some semblance of molding knowledge. You can make a very simple mannequin substitute with a few bits of wood, glue, fabric, wire and tape measure.


First thing you want to do is measure around your waist and bust. Figure out the respective "circumferences", marking them down like a +. Example:


                    | 20" across


------------------------ 15" across




Get some pieces of wood and cut them down to the four different length. Pair the accompanying measurements together into two +. Then unite them with a fifth piece of wood until it looks like you have a sort of stand. Wrap a wire around the top of the stand were the top two pieces met. Attach it to a hanger.


The fabric is to wrap around the pieces of wood. If your good with a needle, you can sew the fabric around it. But stapling the fabric around it will do. 


Slip any piece of clothing you're not sure about over this makeshift mannequin. Obviously it'll look a bit wonkier than a manufactured mannequin, but if you took your measurements correctly, you'll be able to efficiently tell whether the article of clothing fits or not. It's also great for planning outfits!

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