The Club

January 9, 2018


You gyrate to the beat, body turning into liquid. The beat shakes the entire club, traveling up your heels and syncing with your heart. Eyes track you body as you let your ponytail lead you, a leash made of blond hair that tells you to spin. For a second, the neon lights of the club disappear, and you admire your blowout in the reflection of some shot glasses. 


Liquid gold. You grin. It wasn't just your hair either. This mini dress was the best bargain you've found in a while. Decked out in glitter, it shimmers every time you move, to the point of looking like a sheet of metal. You can't take your eyes off yourself as your thigh disrupts the smooth finish. All this dancing has worked up enough of a sweat to make the dress cling to your body. It looks like your dipping your body into a gold pond.


"Mind taking your eyes off yourself and looking up here?"


You breeze past the stranger, looking at your feet. Not because you're shy, but your shoes are more captivating than any stranger could ever be. No one could tell the fur was fake if they looked at them. Shiny and combed, the brown fluff spills over your shoes, jumping up every time you move your feet. 


Ignoring your hair, you start to just stomp. The more chances to see it move, the better.


Something wet rolls down your back. Turning around, you realize someone's thrown a drink at you. Your fury ebbs as security descends on them like a hawk. They're thrown outside before you can get a word in. 


You move to get a napkin, before you realize just how Top Ten you look. The clear liquid makes your dress look like it's melting -- in a good way. You already looked like you were poured into the dress. Now, with your abs exposed, it looks like the dress is being poured onto you. You do a body roll, watching the drink roll down your abs.


Raising your bracelet clad wrists to the sky, you get into the groove again. This night was going to last until brunch if you have anything to say about it.

Forget California Girls, ravers are the ones who have it on lock. Distinct and undeniably stunning, ravers have inspired multiple trends, though they always seem to be more watered down versions of the styles ravers are used to donning ever day. Club Cute just doesn't seem to properly encapsulate the special sense of style ravers give off, but Raver Ravishing sounds like some new kind of pill.


But what is Club Cute? Some of you might be attracted to the outfit I just described, but have not idea what I mean when I say Club Cute. While everyone is welcome to the club as long as they behave themselves, there are some who frequent it and raves, or big parties, so much that they've become their own sub culture.


Club Cute consists of layered necklaces and bracelets, usually the glow and the dark kind. Their clothes are usually short, varying from bikini esque ensembles to short dresses to tank tops and mini skirts. Tutus and extremely distressed shorts with exposed pockets are the go to if you're putting together an outfit with bottoms. Outfits don't have to be super skimpy, you're welcome to wear long socks or leggings, but understand Club Cute exposes skin by it's nature. If you're not seeing a lot of leg, you're probably seeing some stomach.


Transitioning to absolute musts, furry boots are a staple of Club Cute. Not boots with fur trim, of heels with poms poms, excessive amounts of fur. Club Cute brand boots usually lose their shape in the amount of fur that's on them. Think of them less than a shoe and more like a fur sleeve for your feet that brushes against the floor. Long hair is also a regular in Cute Cute. It looks great whipping around when you're dancing.


Don't make the mistake of thinking Club Cute is trashy. While it may not be the most conservative style, it has a lot of little embellishments that can fall off very quickly if you buy them cheap. You can usually tell a Club Cute outfit is of moderate or high quality when you look at it. While there are no set colors, dull tones like grey should be avoided at all costs.






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