The Extra

January 9, 2018


"That's a little much."


Your rouged cheeks turn even darker as the rest of the class titters. The girl looks you up and down, reclining in her seat with a condescending smirk. You try to take your embarrassment into pity as you look at her outfit.


If e-dictionaries suddenly decided to add pictures, her clothes would be perfect. You didn't mean that in a superior sort of way. Nothing gets on your nerves more than people who think they're better than everyone else because of the brands they have. No, the clothes were literally cheap. Her midriff top is thin and nearly translucent. At the beginning of class, she bragged about it being brand new, but the lettering on it is already starting to chip. Her jeans are crusty, and somehow she managed to find the one pair of sneakers in the world that literally look plastic.


You point your own boots, proud. After cleaning them up and a nice shoes shine, they were a beautiful shade of brown. It matched the dramatic bodice you'd taken off that old tattered dress perfectly. The skirt had been unfixable, but the bodice just needed a gentle cleaning. It's covered in layer after layer of shredded lace. It looks like someone decided to make a form fitting shirt out of a white weeping willow tree. The giant, long laces on the back were an unexpected bonus. You tied them into a giant bunch of bows. You like to think it looks like butterflies are trailing up your back.


You think it looks nice with your jeans. They're heavy and dark blue, dragging on the ground  behind the heels of your boots. You pinned them up in the front with a pretty pair of brooches you found in a pawn shop. They go with the ones you have in your hair.


"Is that a wig?" She continues, struggling not to laugh.


Now your mad. There's no way her butt long hair is real. Who is she to make fun of fake hair? You didn't have enough hair to have it hang in the front in ringlets and have it gathered in a messy bun. It was cute.


You tip your head back and gather your breath, until you know it will reverberate into the hallway. 


"Is that a rat?" You boom, pointing to her messy ponytail pompadour.


She turns as red as a tomato as the class explodes. The teacher finally looks up, reprimanding you for being " a little too much". You brush the comment off. You've already heard it a million times before.

What's wrong with making a scene, as long as it's a good one? Eclectic Extra is one of the coolest styles out there, utilizing fusion and eye catching styles.


Eclectic Extra works by adding together two dramatic styles that are usually "opposed". If one style is too subtle, it'll fade into the other and it won't look like a proper fusion. Think country and classic elegance as seen above with a bodice and cowboy boots. The two styles are combined with striking colors that are simultaneously striking and go good together. Think black and white. This style is very pastel friends, though the more subtle your colors are, the more distinct the textures of the outfit need to be.


Speaking of textures, they're a big deal in Eclectic Extra. Having things like different faux animal skins or different patterns o top of each other are the fastest way to make yourself look eclectic. However, it is extremely easy to clash when trying to practice Eclectic Extra. Just like how your outfit gets crazier the softer your color palette is, the textures and features get subtler the more your color palette diverges. Balance is key. I leave with with another example of Eclectic Extra, utilitarian combined with modern noir.


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