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January 10, 2018


Improve your mental help by upcycling an old pillow into a comfort package. On top of giving you great deals, Under15 has always strived to produce project ideas. Today, I think we've hit a new high. Thrifting, the art of getting great clothes for almost nothing, shares close ties with upcycling.


Upcycling is when you reuse or redesign old objects to create something of higher value or quality. A good example would be getting an old worn out dress, cutting off the excess fabric, tightening up the measurements and replacing any stained fabric. Some might make the mistake of thinking this is just fixing up the dress, but upcycling is different than simple repair. Upcycling includes updating or adding personal flourishes to clothes. When upcycling that imaginary dress I mentioned earlier, you wouldn't just cut off excess fabric to make it less baggy. You'd cut off excess fabric so that the dress takes a specific form, usually in a certain style. Maybe you make it more form fitting, maybe you make it shorter. Replacing the fabric doesn't mean finding an exact match for what was there before. You can add a pop of color by introducing a new pattern and matching buttons. Maybe add a slot for a belt.


The gist is that you use a preexisting article as a sort of template to create something new. Upcycling is great for beginners just learning how to sew. It's not just for clothes either, though dramatically upcycled clothes becoming popular on social media is what's pushed the practice back into the spotlight. You can also upcycle other fabric articles, which brings us to today's project.


Upcycling pillows are relatively easy. Even someone who doesn't know how to sew can make a basic pillow. All you really have to do is fold some fabric in half, sew the edges together, fold it again and sew three of the four sides. Add some stuffing and you've got a new cushion!


It's even easier with a prexisiting pillow. But we're not just talking about getting rid of some stains or fixing some tears. We're going to make some mods that are sure to help your mental health.


People struggling with mental health struggle against their demons all the time. It's a constant uphill battle, but in 2018 with more knowledge about mental health than ever, it can be won. One of the few advantages that comes with being awake is that you can talk to people in your support circle, call a health advisor, consciously practice or try new methods to improve your mental health.


In the unconscious world however, it is much harder to brace ourselves. Most people don't remember they're asleep when they're dreaming, so when horrible images and situations bursts out of our subconscious, it can seem all too real. Waking up in a cold sweat, your heart exploding out of your chest is awful. Calming down can be a real challenged. Let us help.


Turn an old pillow inside out. Get some fabric and cut it down to the size of the pillow. Sew the sides of the piece of fabric to the inside of the pillow, leaving a fist sized opening. Do this to both sides of the inside of the pillow, and fill them with the stuffing you just took out or new filling.


The empty space left between these two pockets can be filled with all sorts of personal treasures, to pictures of your loved ones to mindful notebooks or calming trinkets. Whatever helps you out. Feel free to go hog wild. The two little cushions you've created on the insides of the pillow assures it's still functional as a pillow, while giving you a functional space to store comfort items.


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