Bourgeois Boxing Gloves

January 15, 2018


You know what accessory looks kick-ass? Leather gloves! You know what accessory actually kicks ass? Knuckle rings!


Yeah, we're about to seriously take it up a notch. I call this upcycling project bourgeois boxing gloves, because it works as an awesome accessory that can also be used to brand you name onto other people's foreheads.


To be a little serious for a second, every woman knows the fear of walking home alone at night. There are the key claws, mace and the ever familiar speed walk. You can add bourgeois boxing gloves to the list as another method that is both savvy and stylish.


Get cool pair of leather gloves. Don't limit yourself to black. Leather is just as cool in red or dark blue, and you can find a nice faux pair in an Walmart.


Then just find a collection of stylish lettered rings to slip over the leather fingers. Obviously, the band has to be big enough to both fit over your gloves and not cut off the circulation to your fingers. You also want to make sure they're not just loose enough to put on but impossible to take off. While you might wiggle off the rings in the end, they can become fused to the gloves. This can cause odd pigmentation or stains.


I personally recommend a sight like Etsy to buy your lettered rings at. Independent creators have more of a selection t choose from, and a lot of the time they can be personalized. You can spell out your own name using all the rings. Alternatively, if your name is too long or too short, you can fill in the gaps with letter less designs or a cool phrase like 'Try Me'.

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