Gilded Beanies

January 15, 2018


Once again, I'm here to remind you that you're the master of your own destiny, ruler of your own domain. While thinking of new things to do with clothes, I started thinking about hats, crowns and the cushion of fabric you usually see in a king's crown. I think I came up with something pretty neat!


The idea is to integrate a crown with your favorite flexible hat so that the hat acts as the cushion in the middle of a crown. Obviously, the best hat to do this with is a beanie. Color coordinate the color of the crown with the color of your hat. If you can't find a crown in the right shade of color you want, you can just stop b the craft store and get some spray paint. For a little extra flair, out can get glittered paint spray.


To make the crown look a little less cheap, choose an appropriate place in the middle of the crown to cut out some of the fake finery and replace it with a brooch. If you want to make some matching royal garb, replace the buttons of a big coat with matching brooches. You can do the same thing with a cardigan or sweater if you're looking for something a little more understated. 

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