You Look Beautiful, Me

January 16, 2018


This upcycling project is on the easier side. It's a great first for beginners. All you really need is magnets, paper, and of course, a mirror.


I love vintage mirrors, but this can work with any independent mirror. By which I mean, I recommend doing this with a mirror like the one in the photo and not your bathroom mirror. I'm much easier to un-upcycle or do this project in a different way if you're using a mirror you can move around. 


Collect several magnets that attract to each other. Place one half of the attracting magnets on different parts of the mirror towards the edges. You don't want to cover up the main event. 


Ask your friends, family and other loved ones what they love about you. It can be physical, mental or be a fond memory that they have of you. Scrawl it down on pieces of paper, then attacked those papers to the other half of the magnets. Now you can magnetically attach them to your mirror. Each time you get dressed, you'll be greeted to a barrage of positive notes to yourself. You can rearrage them as you like, or redo the project to get a different formation.

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