Adult Barrettes

January 16, 2018


Time for another upcycle! Today, we're doing hair accessories. Something about adulthood causes hair ornamentation to spike downward. It makes sense that a grown woman would want to leave the big plastic barrettes of her childhood behind. More often than not, they look cheap. The little fake jewels meant to make the air clips sparkle slowly fall off over time. The pigmentation starts to flake after long periods of keeping up contact with the natural hair oils. They're usually made to be really big so the wearer looks smaller by comparison, or cute. For most women entering adulthood, looking even younger is the last thing on their mind.


That doesn't mean your hair has to become completely plain. Ribbons, with a little effort, can look mature. Jeweled banana clips are growing in popularity. But that's not what I'm talking about. Both of those things are still relatively simple when it comes to embellishments, especially when compared to the barrettes that inspired this article. Is it possible to create a hair accessory that's just as eye catching as barrettes without the connotation of immaturity?


Adult barrettes are a great alternative. What are adult barrettes? Think hair pins before hair pins fell out of style. You might've seen them in old photos. They function like the two dollar hair pins you can get at the corner store, but instead of having two sides that pin together to hold hair in place, you twirl old fashioned hair pins. Shaped more like a pencil, you wrap your hair around a pin and push it into your hair. It usually has a carefully crafted embellishment on the end, like a cameo earring esque decoration, carefully crafted flower or piece of china. Since it's not made of plastic and has genuine care crafted into it, classic hair pins look extremely classy.


No one is going to start reproducing antique hair pins any time soon, but we can replicate the same amount of elegance with brooches. Brooches are to stickers as hair pins are to barrettes. Like stickers, brooches can be put on and taken off clothes to the user's preference. They work the same way hair pins do, serving as a mature synonym to childhood ornamentation without the cheapness or imamturity.


If using a brooch in your hair sounds weird, realize that the only difference is that brooches have the potential to be much heavier, and they're originally made for fabric. The pin works the same way and pin does. The only major difference is that a brooch is much prettier than a barrette, and it'll make a much better conversation piece.


Check out an estate sale and scope out the former homeowner's jewelry box for the best brooches. With just a little bit of cleaner, you can get a great new hair accesory in a minute.

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