Pen To Pin

January 16, 2018


If you've ever been antiquing, or visited an old tourist shop in a thriving town, you've seen some beautiful pens. If you go to a store like Office Max, pens looks pretty plain. Nothing is wrong with this obviously. In exchange for being less ornate, general pens costs less, and still work perfectly well for things like writing. But if you want something a little prettier that's just as functional, then let me introduce you to the pen to pin upcycle.


The first thing you need to do is check out your local estate sale, antique shop or consignment store. Antique pens are one of the harder thrifts to find. Not everyone had them in the way that every elder has some old clothes in their closet. If all else fails, check out a site like Etsy that specializes in replicating antiques. Get yourself something pretty.


You're already halfway there by doing this. I mean antique pens are prettier than most accessories in general. But how to you covert it into something that can be worn in the hair?


Gently remove the clip from the side of the pen cap. Don't just snap it off. Most antique pens are attached to the pen cap from the inside of the cap. They're not just fused on from the outside. You can usually bend the metal so it becomes unhooked from it's place inside the cap and wiggled out. This removes the move recognizable pen-like feature of a pen. 


Now, you can stop here is you like, using the hook-less pin as a simple hair pin that you twirl then push into your hair to keep it pinned up. But if you want to take it a little further and show of more of your pretty pen, you can get a headband for your local arts and crafts store. You can attach the pen to the headband with glue or wire, choosing the headband based on what comes closest to our hair color. Use your hair to cover up most of the band, and proudly display the pen as a pretty pen piece.

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