The Writing On The Wall

January 17, 2018


Maybe this could work? You look around the rest of the store. It's not like you have any other options. Everything in the store might be a different style or cut, but they basically had the same design.


Letters letters letters. All you see is letters. Feeling kind of old, you laugh. You sound like a cranky old grandma. At least it's not logos. Looking at pictures of the early 2000s feels like you're looking at hordes of walking billboard sometimes. These price tags are high enough. You doubt any of these brands are broke enough that they need free advertising.


It just seems so . . . plain. White shirts with one word in black font stretch as far as the eye can see. You recognize some slang you've been hearing around for the past few years, and a couple of words you're sure can only be the result of a marketing director having a caffeine induced fever dream. Your brain conjures up an image of one of your parents with a backwards cap "trying to hang with the kids" and you cringe.


"Do you need help ma'am?" 


You give a start, looking up at a cheery store clerk. She's pointing at a section of the store you didn't see before. Curious, you shake your head.


"No, I'm fine thank you," You drift towards the store corner.


Color! Wow, it really brought out the drabness of the rest of the clothes. There were different fonts too, and clothing that has more than one word on it. 


Making up a game for yourself, you start to make sentences. Picking out a minimalist tank top with a fried egg tanning on a sidewalk and a cute pun, you toss it over your arm with some loose pants covered in recipes and a pair of graffiti-ed converses. There's a quirky set of fork and spoon earrings by the dressing room that you swipe on your way in.


Posing in the mirror, you take a pick, making sure to get every word. You haven't had it posted to your socials for more than a couple of minutes when the likes come roaring in.


Lightening up, you smile. This could be fun after all.


Of all the styles around, the modern minimalist word style that seems to be filling a lot of popular stores can seem like the worst. They often take up the most space, and a lot of them can seem like they were made after a bunch of guys convened to make clothes based on charts rather than things people would actually want to buy.


When it comes to Lovely Lettering, the key is cohesion. Instead of settling for a shirt with one word and a plain pair of bottoms, you need to come up with a theme and match your clothes to tell a story. Color is also key. No story, at least no story people want to actually read, is colorless and lifeless. Lovely Lettering doesn't really have a set palette, but feel free to experiment with colors that enhance the tone you want to convey.


Sneakers aren't required for Lovely Lettering, but they are common. Shoes like converse's are easier to write on. They have neat white places where you can write on them and not have to worry about your words standing out against the rest of the colors of the shoe. They're also more likely to fit with the tone of the rest of your outfit. While there are a wide collection of stories to tell with the words printed on modern clothing, most of them limit the tone to the current day. You don't find many shirts with 13th century poetry printed on them. 




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