The Shady Sunbabe

January 23, 2018


Wow, just look at this sand. 


You always assumed those commercials you saw on TV were photo shopped. The closest you've ever come to white sands before were the bird poop covered beach near your extended family's vacation home.  


There's no way water could be this blue either. I mean, someone has to be putting dye in it right? Kind of like those guys who make your neighbor's lawn look green. You'd gotten used to grey water too. When combined with the sand you were used to seeing, it kind of made a cool toned pallet you convinced yourself was pretty.


You wouldn't be able to delude yourself anymore though. Just looking at the beautiful scenery in front of you is enough to make any other view you've ever called "breathtaking" pale in comparison. "Cool toned pallet"? You could almost laugh. 


Maybe you're dreaming. You take a dream breath, fresh air filling your lungs. If you are, you're going to kill the person that wakes you up.


Strutting down the beach, you wave to the same two couples you've seen everyday for the past week. They look you up and down appraisingly, and you try not to look like you're posing for them.


Out of all the people who showed up, you had the smallest suitcase. The other women started chatting about expensive sounding brands you've never even heard of, then started talking in a different language. 


You didn't feel out of place though. Even though you packed light, you still managed to pack well. The compliments hadn't stopped since you got here, and that's because you managed to coordinate for every type of weather you'd had so far.


Your blue hair went with everything. The bright red one piece you'd worn with a sheer skirt. The pink bikini you'd donned with a glittering shawl. One of the ladies asked if you got your wrap and distressed daisy dukes at the same place. 


Flashing your vintage sunglasses, you remarked that you couldn't remember. After all, your favorite thrift shop would have anything left for you if sent everyone who asked about what you were wearing there.


Shady Sunbabe is built on beachwear you can wear casually. Think bikini tops with pants, intricate wet suits and wraps or veils with one pieces. Hair is a big deal when it comes to Shady Sunbabe. While you don't need beach waves, a super stringent hairstyle will not do. If your hair is completely resistant to a curling iron or volumizer, you can add the same carefree character embodied by Shady Sunbabe by dyeing your hair. In order to keep with Shady Sunbabe's ocean origin, we recommend cool colors such as blue or purple. However, other colors can work to as long as they are brightly toned. Bright, firey red hair can evoke the feeling of a luau. Common accessories associated with Shady Sunbabe are of course, sunglasses, veils, umbrellas, shades and wraps. Shark teeth necklaces and large disk beads are also a win.




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