30 Ways Scarves

January 22, 2018


It's your favorite series, 30 Scarves, back again! Did you miss it? It missed you! We've got seven fresh new ideas about how you can wear a scarf, bringing our total count up to thirteen! Get ready to start trending.


#7 Put A Bow On Your Butt



Here's another little hip hack to add to your repertoire if you want to draw more attention to your curves. Take one end of the scarf and draw it through the loops of your pants like a belt. Instead of tying it in the back, let both ends of the scarf dangle above your tailbone. Carefully tie it into a small knot and create a flouncy bow with the rest.


#8 X Woman



The X Woman is an oldie but a goodie. Get two scarfs and cross them over your chest. You don't want it to be too tight. Tie both of them into a knot behind your back, letting the pair form a lazy x across your chest. Not only is this a unique look, but the scarves can be used as small satchels.


#9 Bow Over The Shoulder



Is your shoulder looking a little plain? When you're not a tattoo person, sprucing up parts of your body like shoulders and elbows aren't really thought off. Well, Bow Over The Shoulder does this by improving upon one of our old entries.


Take a scarf and sling it across your chest like the strap on an over the shoulder bag. Tie it into a bow bow over your shoulder, leaving enough excess scarf to tie a second bow on top of the first.


#10 Bow Head Wrap



Looking for another bow to add to your ensemble? With number ten you can wrap one around you head. 


Start behind the ears, let the pieces of scarf cross over at the nape of the neck, and tie a big beautiful bow on top of your forehead.


#11 Bow Choker



Reinvent the choker with a bow choker. Find the middle of your scarf and press it to the back of your neck. Wind it tightly around your neck and tie a delicate bow.


#12 Hat Bow



They just don't make hats like they used to. Get a lightweight scarf and fold it in half, gently wrapping it around the head space of a strong brimmed hat. Finish it off with a classy bow.


#13 Hat Scarf




We've reached the end of our countdown! Let's finish it off with a bang. Pinch the middle of a long scarf, matching it to the middlemost top part of your hat. Tie it under your chin like a bike helmet for a bit of old fashion Hollywood flair.


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