Hair Bonnet Upcycle

January 24, 2018


Who hasn't had a bad cut? Hmm? Most of you? Oh okay. 


All bad haircuts are well, bad, but they're even more horrifying when they have long tasting effects on your hair. If your hair dresser makes an uneven cut your hair can just grow back. But if whatever style you wanted had anything to do with a hair treatment or bleach, not only can you end up with a bald spot, but your hair may never grow back the same again. Split ends and thin hair until the end of time!


Now that you've finished reading the epilogue for my millennial horror novel, First World Problems: A Narrative, let's dive into how you can start recovering. When it comes to promoting general hair growth, moisture is super important. Even if your problem isn't specifically dry hair, the nutrients found in a lot of additive hair oils can make your hair growth back faster and stronger. Of course, you can't just walk around with a damp head. Especially if you're giving yourself a vigorous treatment.


There's also the chance that walking around outside might shorten how long the oil can be expected to last. It can rub up on something, of if you're in dry weather, evaporate before it can sink into your scalp.


A lot of us have already found the solution to this. A hair bonnet! A hair bonnet is a protective covering with an elastic band most women put on at night over oiled hair. It keeps all the oil where it's supposed to be, while preventing breakage.


You can't where hair bonnets casually though. Most of them don't really have shape and are kind of droopy. That's why bonnets are seen as a night thing. It's not like you're going to have a bunch of people over to see you in your old hair bonnet while you're sleeping.


With a little upcycling, we can fix that. Take some wiring and poke it into the same compartment the elastic goes into. The wiring gives you the option to shape the bonnet. You can tighten up the circumference and make it look more like a barrette. Or you can bend the wire itself, giving the bonnet a new shape.


By changing the loose fit,the bonnet is way more presentable to wear in public. So if you want to give our hair a leg up, you can oil your hair and wear a bonnet over it day and night. If you need to recover from bad hair fast, this little bonnet hack can be a life saver. Or maybe you just want to improve the overall look of your hair. Either way, you're golden. 

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