Beauty Bags For Band Beauties

January 25, 2018


Who doesn't remember band practice? People who never picked up an instrument in the lives you say? Pssh, who didn't stare at an instrument once and imagine what it would like to be a crazy famous star?


Now you might've discovered that sheet music has a lot more number than you're comfortable with, and it never really became your thing, but instruments never stopped looking cool. For a lot of instruments, like violins and guitars, the special shape helps create sound. So when you look at one, you're sorting looking at the manifestation of deliberateness. Every part is made perfectly for a certain purpose.


Or maybe it's the cool reflective glaze. I don't know your life.


The cases for instruments are made deliberately too. A bad case could result in damage to said instrument because it's not situated properly. So the cases end up having the same cool shapes. But what are you to do when you no longer have need for your instrument case? Upcycle it into a purse obviously!


Most instrument cases already have handle on them because instrument can be heavy, and it would be hard to lug them around without something to grasp. So you already have a purse handle! All we have to really do is make it pretty. 


Since cases tend to be black, a great start color, you can start out with a simple sew and stencil. Find some cute fabric and go over it with a stencil. this might require a quick trip to the arts and crafts store. If you're new or apprehensive about sewing, you might also want to pick up some fabric glue. If you to add a little something something to you're new purse, you can also pick up some purse replacements. Purse replacements are basically replacement chains, zippers and add-ons meant to replace ruined bits on old purses. But you can totally add them to you're new one. 


This upcycle also works with quivers, the carrier for arrows. Quivers however, tend to come in a much wider variety than instrument cases. Along with the usual fabric, glue and replacements, you might also want to pick up some fabric paint. You can go already and use the paint with the stencils, but make sure not to get a foam paint brush. While this is great for even surfaces like papers, the variety found in fabric makes it hard to predict if the paint will evenly take to the quiver if your use a foam brush, which has millions of tiny dips and holes.


But if you really want to take it up a notch, if you can sew and paint, then the drum to purse upcycle is the ultimate come up. Take the skin off the drum using a pair of scissors to carve it off. Most old and abandoned drum sets have busted skins anyway, so this will be pretty easy. Then it's just a matter of replacing that old skin with fabric. You can do this by measuring our a piece of cardboard and sewing over it, fabric tape, or installing a zipper around the rim. You can do all the stuff listed above, but adding a huge swatch of fabric you love to a drum will make a statement accessory people are sure to notice.


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