2 New Ways To Hide Snacks In Your Clothes

January 29, 2018


Who isn't constantly eating? Supermodels and other people with abs probably, I'm not either of those, so I'm constantly coming up with new ways to bring snacks with me wherever I go.


All jokes aside, snacking is actually a pretty good way to help keep your weight down. People tend to put off meals or adopt irregular eating schedules, which can not only knock your body off balance, but can also lead you to gorge yourself. Having little portions of healthy food throughout the way helps you control your hunger by keeping it at a stable level. You're never ravenous, so it's more difficult to reach that point where you could eat an entire cake.


Bags aren't always enough though. As trends change, so does the amount of space you have to work with. If you like to keep up with the fleeting favor of the fashion season, you might find yourself switching from a cute over-sized bag to a little pocket purse. With a fluctuating amount of storage space, it's not unusual to want for a more reliable place to store your apple slices and popcorn. You don't want to be that one guy with spaghetti in his pockets, so where else can you put food?


Fear not. I'm hear to share my two favorite methods to hide food. The first includes a throwback to an old fashion statement, but if it's not to your taste I also have one that you might find particularly appealing if you're European or a Rastafarian. I find those last two demographics overlap a lot.


I call the first one "modern epaulets". Epaulets, if you don't know, are those cool little shoulder things you usually see on military uniforms. While embellishments are affixed to epaulets all the time, they're mostly there to give the appearance of broad, squared shoulders. The stiff design of epaulets gets rid of the natural curve of the human body, which can differ from person to person, giving wearers a more alert, uniform look.


We don't need all that, (Or maybe you do. I don't know your life.) but the fact that epaulets are fashionable as well as functional make them a great place to hide snacks. Epaulets are usually sewn on or removable, which means a pocket can be placed on the shoulder before the epaulet is attached. The best way to make an epaulet pocket is to put two fingers together and fold fabric under them. If you know how to sew, you can go ahead and make a seam close to the fingers through both layers of fabric. If you want something a little faster, you can use staplers. Fixing the pocket to the shoulder is just as easy. You can use anything from fabric glue to a needle and thread, but make sure to tug at is gently when you're "done" to make sure everything is secure. The best snack for epaulet pockets are things like pretzel sticks and pocky.


While epaulets are cute on their own, they don't have to be as flashy if that's not your style. You can cover one in a fabric print you like or find a simple one without tassels that match your shirt. The pocket will still work.


If it still doesn't sound like your thing, then you can default to if you're more of a hat person. While it can technically be done with any hat, it works best with a beanie. Since beanies naturally sags, the hat will move with the snack pocket.


All you have to do is fit a pocket to the middle most part of the hat, that way the slimmest part of the pocket will be in the "smallest" part of the moving beanie, and the contents of the snack pocket will move with the much bigger parts of the hat. Think of the pocket as sort of a pendulum and the hat as a flexible triangle compartment. Obviously, keeping the heaviest part of the pocket towards the bottom of the compartment will make it less noticeable.


Personally, I just cut out the pockets of my pants and reattach them to my beanie 

upcycle beanie with pockets for snacks,  Girl pants pockets are too small to carry anything substantial like a phone anyway. But they are the perfect size for snacks! If you've managed to find some god-tier jeans with decent  storage, you can just repeat the same epaulet pocket tutorial above, with four fingers instead of two.

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