Sleeping Pod

January 29, 2018



Who doesn't love to be unconscious? A good night's sleep, a weekend's sleep-in, an entire day, are all completely reason periods of time to forget your responsibilities and lavish in the butt grove you're worn into the mattress. It can't get much better than that, right?


Wrong! We have found a way to improve Nirvana! You can recreate the pillow soft clouds of Heaven! It's an awful lot of power. you might be able to pull yourself out of bed again. But we trust you.


It all starts with a sleeping bag. Unless you've gone camping before, you're probably never tried one out. Sleeping bags are made with the intention of shielding us from the cold hard grown, but unless you've got luxury bucks, they tend to fall short. If you're short on cash, the best sleeping bag you can usually get can be pretty thin, providing little warmth. With a quick upcycle though, you can not only improve your camping experience, but your overall sleeping experience. You can even bring the "sleeping pod" upcycle in your bed.


First thing, you're going to want to get your thin, sad sleeping bag and rip it apart! Now, you'll see the best results if you do this along the seams of the sleeping bag. If the stitch work is as cheap as the sleeping bag, you can just snip at the threading. If it's a little more substantial, then you're just going to have to cut through the fabric. If you do this along the seam, it'll look much neater when you put it back together.


Most likely, you're now looking at a white sheet instead of any fluffy stuffing. Not for long! There are a lot of options for fluffing up your sleeping bag. You can go to the fabric store, buy a bag, slice it open and just dump the contents inside. Or, if you're a little lower maintenance, you can just buy an armful of cotton ball bags from the corner store. Do this until the sleeping bag is fluffed to your liking. If you have sewing skills, you can stitch the bag closed again. If you're in a rush, you can just use staplers.


Next, we're going to add a hood. You can cut one off an old hoodie you don't wear anymore, or one you find in a bargain bin. You're going to place the bottom of the hoodie where your neck would be. Unlike closing the seams of the sleeping bag, I personally recommend using fabric glue if you can't sew it on. The metal could become really uncomfortable if it gets cold, biting into your neck. Constantly supporting the weight of your head can also wear at the space around the staples and it might come loose. Cover the inside of the hoodie with fuzzy material. I've used my old fuzzy socks. This alone is already super comfortable, but it'll feel heavenly once you slip a pillow in between the hood and the sleeping bag.


You've just boosted your ordinary sleeping bag into a mega deluxe sleeping bag. This is already pretty comfortable for camping, but if it's a cold night and you're staying at home, you can slip it into bed. You'll be extra cozy and super comfortable! 


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