The Adventurer

January 30, 2018



Laughing, you roll back and forth, feet moving over the top of the rock over and over again. The pile of stones was a new find, along with the view. You don't think you've ever been up this high before. The smell of dirt is still strong up here and you love it. This earthy gorge is one of your new favorite places. There's a freshness to it's untouched soil and clear water that the city just doesn't have.


Tossing back your head, you let the thin clouds drift up past your face. No facial with the girls could ever beat this. It's warm and heavy, despite it's consistency, slipping into your pores and beating off the drowsiness that's beginning to settle over you.


Yawning, you stretch, trying to wake yourself up. It was definitely worth getting up early. By noontime it would be way too hot to take a picture without looking like your entire face wasn't melting. The sun would be way too bright too. When you sent your Mom a picture the last time you came up here, she asked you why you were glaring at the camera.


Lifting your phone from the chain around your neck, you inch closer to the edge of the cliff. Below the green, rocky shelves of the layered gorge dimple, like a meticulously thought out cake.


Your stomach rumbles. Cake.


Focus! You order yourself. You could have breakfast after this.


You grind the bottom of your boots into the mossy ground. Hardy, with grooved soles, they never managed to fail you. I mean, you're alive aren't you? For years you've been decking them out as a reward. The pretty brown color that attracted you to them in the first place is almost completely gone now, hidden under a sea of phone numbers from strangers and stamps. 


The wind tickles your belly button. You love the warm breezes that make their way up to high places. Blinking slowly, you yawn again as you start to get comfortable. The heavy pockets of your cargo pants would keep you in place if you started to doze off, right? You could take a little nap.


Focus! You order yourself again, adjusting the angle of your phone.


Slowly, you turn around and widen the V of your legs. All of your pocket chains jingle. Biting your tongue, you look at the gorgeous scenery behind you just as you take the selfie to end all selfies. One day when your hair starts to turn grey, views like these wouldn't be nearly as easy to remember. But you'll always have your photos to remind you of your adventures.


Adventure isn't just death defying heights and awesome stores. For those who want to continue going on more adventures in the future and are happy to wait for the Next Big Adventure that is death, there is a lot of prep. People going to new and interesting places a little a-ways from everything else usually have a plethora of things, including a flashlight, first aid kit and more.


Wanderlust Woman as a style is both fabulous and functional. Hair falling into this look is usually short, for safety and manageability.  Feel free to experiment with umbre, and not Wanderlust Woman do is complete without a ton of hair pins/clips/ties.


Jackets aren't any less colorful, but shirt usually fall into the midriff or one armpit category. Postcard esque memorabilia is almost always required. Wanderlust Woman jewelry has a lot of emphasis on layering, so any piece of your travels that can fit in your hand should be put on a chain until you ave a collection. Thick belts are a huge bonus, with crazy extra points if it hangs off our hips. Wanderlust Woman is also a great opportunity to whip out your overalls.


For years, women have suffered through pants with terrible pockets, but that will not stand here. Not only must you have normal pants with substantial pockets, but cargo pants are a requirement. Add an extra scarf on top of your belt as a makeshift pouch if your cargo pants don't have at least six pockets.


Scarves don't just belong on the Wanderlust Woman's hips those. Feel free to wrap them tightly around the top of your boots so you can slip stuff inside of them. Your boots themselves must be hardy. Try and thrift some military style or snow boots from your local store.




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