Temporary Tattoo Hack

January 31, 2018


You can never have too many tattoos! Well, you can actually. Eventually, you will run out of space on your body to ink. Your mind doesn't have such limits though, and if you're the kind of person who wants a new design on their body every single day, then this little tattoo hack is right up your alley.


Variety in temporary tattoos are sorely lacking. They're either cartoon characters you apply under a bathroom sink or a simple shape. But what if you specifically want something like a pretty bird, or a garden's worth of fake flowers?


Well you could draw it yourself! Everyone knows drawing on your arms with sharpie isn't exactly good for your skin, and sharpie's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of markers that last. Sharpie's, and similarly hardy markers owned by smart business people, recognize this. In recent years, they've started making non-toxic markers that last just as long, mainly target towards children. But hey, we won't tell anyone who they're originally for if you won't.


These non toxic markers open up a world of possibility for anyone who likes to doodle on their arm or whose tastes change every single day. You can draw your own tattoo or use a stencil. Then all you have to do is apply some baby powder and give the whole thing a once over with hairspray.

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