Photo Tassels

February 18, 2018


Statement earrings have been trending for while. After decades of simple pieces using pretty pearls or tiny diamonds, the idea that earrings should be a little more captivating has started circulating. The 21st century's style is certainly more dramatic than the ones that came before it. We also have more dramatic makeup, a thousand new different ways to do your hair and a myriad of clothing styles to fill your closet with. Using certain pieces of clothing in ways that's never been thought of before is also trending and we've got another one to add to the pile. 


Tassel earrings have gotten a little bit of flack for resembling curtains, but anyone whose ever shopping for them know they can be one of the most gorgeous accessories in your possession. From the way the actual strings can be manipulated, to the color, to the design of the knot, tassel earrings are a great way to inspire elegance and diversity in your lookbook. And you don't have to limit them to your ears!


The hooks on tassel earrings mean you can use them as pendants on chain necklaces, or a special pendant on a scarf. If you want to grab a lot of attention, try hooking them to the sizing holes on your belt. It adds a lot of asymmetrical flair. You can also add them to your bracelets or even use them as shoe ornaments. The next time you're looking at your jewelry box, think about what jewelry really means to you, and how you might've been limiting an incredibly versatile resource by just using it conventionally.


Here's a cool idea, use the hooks to attach pictures to. If you're feeling quirky, you can hook an entire picture to them! Or you can be a little more subtle and get two locket pendants, framing a picture in each and adding them to your earring hooks.




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