Bantu Knots

February 16, 2018


Bantu knots are a great protective style that also looks great. Huh? You think bantu knots look weird and only keep them so you can unravel them for the curls? Then you're not doing bantu knots right. In order for bantu knots to look their best when you're not planning on unraveling them before you go out, you have to put a little more care into sectioning them off. a lot of people simple bunch up their hair in proportional chunk, wearing bantu knots casually requires you to section out your hair row by row, making each piece about an inch wide so it all looks even. Use the same methodology you use when curling your hair. Remember that in order for things to look normal they have to be spaced out an pointing in their own directions. Don't go to all the trouble of sectioning off your hair then making all your knots point towards the top of your head.


You're also going to want to brush your hair very carefully, to the point that you can brush throug a sectioed piece with one pass. Make sure to add some oil so it shines in the sunlight.

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