Self Care Designer Stickers

February 16, 2018

Let's practice a little self care with today's DIY designer stickers. 


Scars can be pretty disheartening. Besides causing discoloration, they can be fairly uncomfortable, creating a raised bit of darkened dermis you can't help but touch or feel self conscious about. This self consciousness can get even worse if you happen to pick at the scar, further lengthening the time it might take to fade.


The first solution to come to mind is covering up the scar. After all, you can't pick at or zone in on something that's covered up. But after a while, especially if you're being hygienic, the adhesiveness of a band aid can wear off. You have to replace it regularly until the scar fades, which can be hard to remember since you're not covering up an actual wound. The key to remembering is making self care bandages something to look forward to.


Instead of putting on plain old bandages, invest in a box with cool characters or designs, using a contrasting color to write something nice about yourself on top. Bonus points if you can get one of your loved ones to write a surprise compliment while you're closing your eyes. Before you put it on, dip an ear swab in some lemon juice and generously coat the scar. Over time, the lemon juice will fade the scar. So not only will you have a new confidence boosting "sticker" to look forward to when your old one fall off, but each time you replace it you get to see your scar become a little lighter.

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