The Cook

February 16, 2018

You open the window, letting the smell of yeast rise with your hunger. Laughing quietly, you trace the scorch marks on your windowsill from when you absent-mindedly placed a hot pan there for the first time. Afraid that the wooden ledge would burst into flames, you had dumped a pot full of soup over it, sending noodles flying into the yard. Lunch had been ruined, and the hot pan already managed to scorch a groove into the ledge. 


At least I have a sort-of compartment to cool things on now. You think to yourself, tugging on the edges of the thick towel you put in between the groove and the ledge.


A neurotic part of you claps giddily as it settles perfectly into place. When was the last time you had this much time to yourself? The house is clean, everything is quiet, and the way everything on the stove mixes with the scent of your favorite candles makes your knees weak.


Wiggling your toes, you bask in the fluffy feeling of your socks and lean back against the wall. Your skirt bunches up, the fluffy insides cushioning the back of your thighs. The utensils in your apron pocket slaps against your waist, but there's so much fluff you wouldn't have even noticed if it didn't make a sound.


Reaching down, you readjust your things, fingers brushing against the book you'd been slowly chipping at for months. Running your thumbs over the pages, you inhale the smell of old pages and ink. Another wave of relaxation moves washes over you.


The over dings. Your stomach roars to life like an angry machine, and you slide over to pull out your pie. Glancing over to the windowsill where your bread is still cooling, you decide you can't wait. Burning your mouth is a risk you'll just have to take. 


You pull out a cup, because you know it's going to fall apart. Carving into the pie, you watch the bright orange carrots swim around the peas in a pool of creamy filling. Something white bobs up in the beautiful array of oranges and greens.


Chicken. Your mind moans.


Scooping it into a cup, you carefully place it onto your favorite plate. There's a soft clink as it settles perfectly into the middle. Striding over to the bread, you carefully carve off six uneven chunks of bread. A puff of rosemary explodes in your face and you sigh, lovesick. Placing it around your cup in a beautiful brown, crusty fan, you take a step back and eye your masterpiece.


There's still something missing. You muse.


Reaching into the fridge, you take out the sour cream and dot each slice of bread with perfect round dollops. You press a chunk of pretty pepper jack cheese into each, red and green flecks of spices poking through the surface. As you put the tin back, you spot some blueberries and your imagination rockets. 


You pull a couple of sauce cups out of the drawer and fill them with a scoop of sugar. Tossing the blueberries in the first, you roll the cup arouse until the fruit is lightly dusted. With a little more effort you find some strawberries and oranges. Before long your fruit looks like it was left in the snow. A ribbon of honey gives the impression of a strip of winter sunlight rising over the horizon. 


Or maybe you're just really hungry.


Thinking with your stomach, you grab a jar of jam. Popping off the lid, you tip a half empty box of cookies over it's lip and let what's left fall into the rich orange marmalade. The shortbread looks striking sitting in the preservative. After shaking the jar, it looks like the dusted sugar on the cookies crystallized into apricot jam sticking to their edges.


You perform a careful balancing act as she shuffle over to the couch and melt into the cushions. Your plate of food is so tempting that you immediately start stuffing it into your face, gloves still on.


Homemade Haute is one of my favorites. It's great for whenever you want to treat yourself, specifically when it comes to food. And hey, if you want to go back out, you'll look great too!


After a long day of work or school, it can be hard to wind down. You're simultaneously all over the place and exhausted. Doing a systematic task like putting a meal together can help you calm down and get into the mood to relax.


First, you're going to need a pretty head scarp. Any print will do, it just has to be comfy. Tie it around your head, making sure it catches your hair like a hairnet, giving yourself some "bunny ears". This serves the purpose of keeping hair out of your food while applying pressure to your head. Adding a bandanna around your neck that matches makes for a unique accessory that's also cute.


Add a puffy sweater or sweater dress with plenty of extra fabric to make sweater hands. You'll need a cute watch to keep tabs on the time. 


The apron is the most important part of this outfit. You'll need huge pockets for all of your favorite things; books, trinkets, DVDs and more. A good apron is as useful for a backpack, and you can keep wearing it even after you're done cooking if you don't want to lug things around your house.


Skirts, if you choose t done one, must be huge and comfortable. Homemade Haute skirts act almost like second pillows that mold to the contours of your legs. You'll know you're doing it right if you sit down and immediately sigh one all our weight it on the skirt's folds. The only acceptable socks are tight highs or fluffy. Both types will keep you warm and cozy, and if you cover your legs in lotion first, by the time you take them off you'll have really soft feet.






apron style, treat yourself, smear some on face, canvas skirt and pants,box bag backpack, simple and clean, animal blanket as an accessor

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