The Rocker

February 15, 2018


You think about reapplying your hair gel and realize that your sweat is enough. Pinching your finger to your thumb, you start at the root of a bunch of hair and glide your hand to the top in a sharp point. You can feel the gel kick in again and some of it gets on your hand. It makes the glitter sticking to your knuckles shine with a new sheen. Smiling, you enjoy the ache making its way through your body as you stand in your heavy boots. The guitar on your back started making your shoulders scream an hour ago, but the muscle fatigue feels to much like vindication for you to think of taking it off.


Two of your band mates have drawn a rather large crowd around them. One of them guzzles cheap punch from a giant trophy balanced on the other's shoulder, gulping to the chanting of your new fans. A couple of people glance at them before glancing at you. Most of them give a nod, or a respectful wave, before shuffling off, whispering about your black smile. It's a unique mix of adoration and intimidation.


You nod to yourself. As it should be.


You're not stuck up or anything. There's just an odd high after a show that can only be fully basked in alone. After a bombastic performance of stomping your feet to the beat of the stereo until you can feel it in your heart, after bouncing your voice off of the microphone into the ravenous crowd waiting to catch anarchistic announcement they'd sing with their friends for weeks, after feeding the weekend wolves, you can't help but feel like you've tamed an untameable crowd.


Honestly, you're sort of intimidated by them.


"Weekend wolves" is the perfect term. You've seen a lot of these people before. Those men have passed you on the crosswalk, done up in tight business suits and tighter ties. That woman over there is usually much quieter; coffee baristas don't usually need to yell. You let the kids sneak past security, because you've seen them in the stuffy library, bags bulging with homework. On the weekdays, they're completely different people.


Stepping in here has changed them. You see a sea of jeans with giant holes over the knee so they could feel the bass through their legs. The girls' makeup makes them look like they have black eyes in the very best way. Chains jangle as people dance, You watch some layered belts slap against a girl's leg as she dances wildly, bright curly hair catching the low light like a neon sign.


You suck in you lip, rolling your tongue around your piercing. Taming the crowd was also exhausting. You sort of just wanted to lean against the wall, letting the comforting presence of your guitar press against your back. But as the girl dances, the dragon peeping from under her shredded crop top begins to move, and you wonder what it would look like if you spun her around.


Pushing off the wall, you let your heavy boot stomp against the ground. It catches several people's attention, including the girl's. She stops to stare at you, expression unreadable. Unpredictable. 


Then a smile carves it's way into her face, crooked and sharp. The store's worth of silver hoops hanging off her ears and face catch the glare of the lights and make her a little hard to look at. You march forward, shielding your eyes with your hand. Who knows where this could lead.


Rogue Rockers will catch your eye whether you want them to or not. Following this style takes a lot of jewelry and eye makeup, but as long as you have a pair of scissors, you're probably covered on clothes.


Rockers listen to a wide array of rock music, dabbling in sub genres like goth and punk. How deep you want to venture into these sub genres with this look with differ on whether you prefer to older history surrounding Gothic style or the much younger rebellious nature of punk. Whatever you choose, you need a platform to display you adoration, and jewelry does just that.


A lot of Rogue Rockers rock layered belts or bangles. These can be used to attach things to, like the dog tags of your favorite bands. Pins can be pushed through the belt as a sort of memory board. Even if you don't put anything on them,bangles and belts can be shaken a lot to make rousing noise. Chokers are great when paired with dark makeup.


When it comes to face jewelry, prioritize nose piercings, septum rings and multiple ear piercings. Silver is a great neutral metal that goes with whatever you end up wearing.


Short or spiky hair is a must for a rocker. You can't let long hair weigh you down. If you don't feel like making the big chop, this is a great opportunity to invest in a wig. Choppy or spiky styles are a win-win.


I recommend short sleeves so you can show off any tattoos you might have. If you don't already have some you can invest in some tattoo sleeves or check out some of our old posts on how to make fantastic temporary tattoos. If you're not into any of that, they you can still up your game with layering. While simply pairing up a leather jacket and some pants will give you a basic rocker look, wearing at least three layers utilizing three of the main rocker aesthetics will look even better; tears, spikes and animal print. You can make a host of layered outfits with this, from a ripped T-shirt onto of a leopard tube top and a spiked leather jacket to a spiked leotard paired with spiked thigh highs and a torn hoodie.

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