How To Make A Special Reading Lamp

February 18, 2018


If you have a phone, you've probably heard of the audio hack. Due to some phone development companies constantly changing the jacks on their phones or their audio settings, one of the few consistent ways to hear music outside of getting different earbuds is to place your phone in a cup. The cup magnifies sound.


Similarly, you can create a targeted light without spending serious money on something ridiculously expensive. Buy a lamp that's relatively short and buy an especially large bowl. A bowl that's sides go straight out from the center compartment is best, but as long as it's big enough to dwarf the lamp you're golden. Make sure it's opaque. No glass here. 


Put the lamp in the bowl. This does the same this as a lamp shade -- focusing light, but does it the other way, giving you a cool lamp. If you add stickers or other marking to the inside, it can cast cool shadows on whatever it's lighting up.


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