Jean Grater

February 18, 2018


 Distressed jeans are one of the most iconic looks out there. As their popularity has risen, so have the price tags attached to them. Anyone who doesn't make fashion a passion or doesn't have hundred of dollars to spend serious bank on one pair of jeans has made the joke that they could make themselves a pair at home for much cheaper.


However, when it comes to actually going about making distressed jeans at home, it's easy to get a little lost. One might initially try to carve up an old pair of jeans with some scissors, but at best you'll probably just give them a bunch of thin holes, which is a look but not the one you're going for.


Put the scissors away and pick up a cheese grater. Not only does this make the distressed aesthetic more even because you have multiple holes digging into the jeans instead of just two blades, but it creates the limp stings around the actual holes you'll be missing if you try to do the same thing with scissors. 


Make sure to be very careful. You don't want to cute yourself. You can minimize your chance of accidents by placing the jeans against and edge and moving the grater against it. Using this method keeps the jeans in place and also makes it easier to grate through the jeans.

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