Mirror Necklace

February 18, 2018


With some many standards of beauty to both admire and agonize over, it can be easy to forget your own pretty features. So today we're going to practice a little self love and show you how to make a mirror necklace that's both useful and uplifting.


In order to avoid bulkiness, I recommend a small compact mirror, the kind you would use to check your makeup in. A lot of compact mirrors come with loops, so that's an extra bonus, but if yours doesn't you can just get some string and wrap it around the hinge of the mirror. I recommend getting a string that matches your skin tone so it's almost invisible. Make it tight; the string won't be the direct link between the mirror and the necklace, so you don't need a huge loop hanging down and pressing against your clothing.


Next get a pretty clasp and hook it through the tight string loop. Attach the other end to a small link necklace, so you don't have to struggle with stringing the clasp over huge links. You can decorate the outside of the mirror compact with a nail art kit, picking out three of your favorite complementary colors and using the stencils that come with the kit to decorate the outside. I highly recommend not using the stickers, as they can peel off with time, messing up and art that's under it or the original coat of the mirror compact.


If you like simple statement necklaces, so can stop here. But if you want something with a little more flair, you can collect hooked earrings and add them to the linked necklace like charms on a charm bracelet. While alternating colors can make the necklace eye catching, getting the same type makes your necklace look uniform and professional.


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