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February 18, 2018


Cologne seems to have the lasting strength to stick through the day, one international disaster, the apocalypse and the inevitable implosion of the earth, but put on perfume and it dissipates into thin air like your will to live after you wave at someone who was looking at somebody else.


The unfortunately short lifespan of perfume can be especially disheartening if you spent a long time picking out a perfume, or chose something you thought would go especially well with your outfit. 


A lot of perfume just isn't made to last a long time, but the natural oils in your skin also play a part. Sometimes they can interfere with just how well the smell sticks to your skin. So when it comes to thinking up a life hack that can get past this little hurdle, it's important to take skin out of the equation.


Go to your nearest craft store and buy a bag full of wool yarn balls. One hundred percent yarn balls are the best If you happen to do a punch of crafting at home, you can also make some bulky knots with whatever scarps of fabric you have lying around. If they're not felted, toss the yarn balls in the washing machine. Add your perfume to the balls and carry them around in your pocket for a smell that lasts longer. Or, if you don't want to bother with remembering to slip something in your pocket, you can put the perfumed wool balls in the dryer while you're drying your clothes. Ta-da, scented dryer sheets.











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