Take Over The Entire Laundry Industry Recipe

February 25, 2018


Are you broke? Do you smell like it? Never fear, I've got a recipe on how to make your own laundry detergent right here.


1 Cup Grated Bar Soap


I mean it works on your skin doesn't it? Just rub it over your clothes, it'll totally work! Really though, it's totally safe to use bar soap on your clothes. The only reason sand/liquid detergent exists is because it works with a washing machine more easily. When people had washboard, they would run bars of soap over clothes and wring them through water basins before leaving them up to dry all the time. To make the soap usable with your washing machine, just grate it up! (Just like how store prices are grating up your pocket book.) Seriously, once you see how easily this is you're going to be so mad about how much you've been paying.


1 Cup Washing Soda


Everyone's been told not to mix up washing soda with baking soda because they have different chemical reactions. You can remember washing soda here because, you know, we're trying to wash stuff. The washing soda will help the bar soap foam up and get through all your clothes.


1 Cup Borax


BORAX HAS BEEN HOPPING ON THE TAIL END OF EVERY PRICE TAG ON EVERY BOTTLE OF DETERGENT ALONG WITH TEN EXTRA YOU KNOW WHAT'S IT GAINED OVER THE HOLIDAY AND HASN'T LOST SINCE. IT'S TIME TO STOP. Seriously though, Borax is the reason detergents are able to market themselves at such a high price under the guise of getting the job done. Borax is secret weapon in most household laundry and cleaning products. Reclaim it for the clean laundry loving homeland, bring it back to base with your other ingredients and score a victory for the thrifty!


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