Turn Flip Flops Into Designer Shoes

February 25, 2018


Want to give your sandals a new, designer look? All you need are some glue, ribbons and some embellishments. This DIY instructional works for Y sandals and the sandals that are shown above. 


Starting with Y sandals, get a piece of ribbon and glue the end piece where one of the top points of the y meets the sandal. Continue to wrap the ribbon around the sandal, glueing periodically. When you get to where the two parts met, go under and over until you've made a little triangle at the meeting point, going over and under. Continue to wrap and glue the ribbon around the other part of the Y. Get some hardy fabric glue and add and pearls, shells of beads you might like over the ribbon.


When it comes to sandals like the one shown above, wrap and glue the ribbon around the two separate bands individually. Then connect the gap with more ribbon, going over and under once again to make a third band about an inch thick. Decorate it however you want!


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