DIY No Sew Pillow

March 1, 2018



Want comfort without the machine. Check out this awesome no sew DIY pillow tutorial.


You'll need:


A bolt of fabric

A ruler


Fabric marker

Place mat



Hot glue gun


1. Buy your bolt of fabric. Depending on how many pillows you want, the size of the bolt will vary. I suggest you shop with your place mat, since you will need a minimum amount of fabric to be able to place two place mats on it side by side. 


2.  Roll out your bolt at home. Place the place mat on top of it, marking it's outline on the side of the fabric that'll make up the "inside" of the pillow. Shift the place mat so you can do this again, making two rectangles side by side. Cut off the surrounding excess.


3. Fold in the cut edge 1/2 inch on the inside, using the iron to to get a good crease. 


4. Use the stuffing of your choice and fill up one of the squares 75%.


5. Fold the other square on top of the first. Apply hot glue on one of the folded edges before pressing the seam together, going 1/2 an inch at a time around the perimeter. Leave 3 inches open at the end so you can finish stuffing.


6. Finish stuffing the pillow, and glue the final section closed. 


Ta-da! Now you've got a pretty pillow. DIYs like these give people who aren't so handy with a needle the chance to make awesome statement pieces for their living rooms or beds, so if you've ever wanted to spruce up your place but always felt like you hand to be a master seamstress, here's your chance.



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