DIY Potpourri Pom-Poms

March 2, 2018


Who doesn't love fragrances? When you don't have a lot to work with, scents can do a lot to enhance the aura of any room. If you add a little decoration, it can also be a great center piece. 


All you need is:


A used toilet paper roll

Stuffing paper


Incense sticks

3 different herbs


Pom Poms


This is one of the easiest and most fun DIYs out there. Just get the empty toilet paper roll and place it upwards on the middle of a sheet of stuffing paper. Stuff the toilet paper roll with pom poms before dipping the incense sticks in perfume before pushing them halfway down into the toilet paper tube. You'll know you stuffed it with enough pom poms if the sticks are held firmly in place and don't move around.


Stuff the top of the tube with herbs before pinching the rest of the stuffing paper around the tube. Tie it in place with the ribbon, allowing the sticks to poke out. Add more wrapping paper around the tube the same way until you can no longer see the brown of the toilet paper roll underneath it, finishing the whole thing off with a big bow. Now you have a beautiful portable tube of potpourri! And if you ever want your unique smell in two rooms, you can just take one of the pom poms that's been soaking in perfume and herbs and place it somewhere else.

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