Make A Bath Moisturizer That Works

March 1, 2018


Chronically dry skin is a problem that's plagued man since the beginning of time! Or at least since we realized other people have skin that's softer than ours. Like most beauty products, people usually first find out about moisturizer their skin through contact with other people or advertisements. In a lot of ways, it can seem like another one of the countless qualifiers that a lot of people feel like they have to live up to. 


However, I personally believe having soft skin is one of the more valid desires pushed upon us out there. Unlike the countless number of fancy makeup lines or skincare products we see every day, having soft skin has legitimate value outside of aesthetics. It literally feels nice to have soft skin. It makes wearing clothes even more comfortable, and the process of getting there is usually pretty relaxing. If you do it right, you end up improving the health of one of the most important organs your body has; your skin!


Today I'm sharing an awesome moisturizer that you can bathe in, Taking away the hassle of applying lotion again and again. You'll need:


1/2 Cup of Olive Oil

1/4 Cup of Salt

2 Tablespoons of A Fragrant Herb of Your Choice (Lavender, Rosemary, Mint, exc.)

4 Bags of Your Favorite Tea

A Hot Bath


Unlike cooking, making this bath moisturizer doesn't require a special order for a successful result to be achieves. You can just add these ingredients in as the bath runs to make sure they are evenly spread out throughout the water.


I suggest adding the tea bags first, because it will give the tea more time to spread evenly throughout the water. It might look like the olive oil is gathering in one place, but if you pour it in alongside the water coming out of the spout when you are running the bath, it will spread throughout the water. Oil and water don't technically mix, but the oil will be somewhat evenly distributed throughout the bath. Your thirsty skin will soak it up like a sponge, helping it stave off dryness.


The salt will relax your muscles, and olive oil is an excellent moisturizer. The herb will make sure you come out of the bath smelling great, and comes with their own exclusive benefits depending on which one you pick.


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